ISAR (2014-2017)

Leader: Potioc Other partners: LIG-CNRS-UJF, Diotasoft

This project focuses on the design, implementation and evaluation of new interaction paradigms for spatial augmented reality, and to systematically explore the design space.

MATERIALS (2015-2020)

Leader: MAVERICK Other partners: Musée d’Ethnographie de Bordeaux, OCé-Print

This project aims at scanning complex cultural artifacts, such as silk cloths, capturing all the geometry of their materials at the microscopic level, then reproducing them for study by public and researchers. Reproduction can be either done through 2.5D printing or virtual reality displays.

FOLD-Dyn (2016-2020)

Leader: IRIT Other partners: IMAGINE, TeamTo, Mercenaries

This project proposes to explore the possibilities offered by a novel theoretical way of addressing character deformations: the implicit skinning which jointly uses meshes and volumetric scalar functions.