Book list

List of the books owned by members of the team:

Checklist for newcomers

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Manao Talks (Manao GT) web site

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Free 3D objects and envmaps

Free 3D objects and envmaps are listed here (more…)
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Access to conference proceedings

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Desktop computers

List of desktop computers and monitors. (more…)

Brainstorming on materials

A lot of people inside the team are working on materials from different standpoints.
We’ve thus been brainstorming on this topic to know who’s interested in what aspects of materials exactly. (more…)

How-to: Appear in the public Team page

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Free teaching resources

Here is a list of free teaching resources on a variety of subjects including (but not restricted to) computer graphics: (more…)

Operating systems and Softwares

At Inria,  many commercial software are available with a regular licence: (more…)