How-to: Appear in the public Team page

  1. Go to your dashboard, then click on Pages, and edit the Team page.
  2. Click on the gallery related to your current status, then on the “Edit Gallery” button:howto-team-01
  3. You now have two choice, either you want to add or edit your profile:
    1. To add your picture, click on “Add to Gallery”, then “Upload Files”, and upload your picturehowto-team-02and then click on Add to Gallery
    2. Go to “Edit Gallery”, and select your picture. You can now edit the field “Caption”, that will appear on the website (the field Title will be used as tooltip), using the following syntax: “Your NameĀ <p class = “user_topics”>Topics: </p>”:howto-team-03You should also specify your personal homepage url in the “Gallery Link URL” field (bellow caption), and specify “New Window” in the “Gallery Link Target” field.
  4. Save the page using the “Update” button on the right side.

This is it, you must now appear on the team webpage.

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