Spectral Viewer

spectral viewer logoAn OpenSource (Spectral) Image viewer that supports several images formats: ENVI (spectral), exr, png, jpg.
The documentation for the ENVI file format can be found here:Harris Geospatial ENVI file format.
The full project is available on INRIA gitlab.

A Windows Installer (x64) can be downloaded here:SpectraViewer2.6b x64



u jitter Cache-Friendly Micro-Jittered Sampling, ACM SIGGRAPH 2016 Talks on, SIGGRAPH '16.
Arthur Dufay, Pascal Lecocq, Romain Pacanowski, Jean-Eudes Marvie, Xavier Granier.
A new decorelation technique for faster multidimensional Monte-Carlo integration in ray-based rendering engines.

Older projects

Here are some older projects done during my master at University of Lyon and Technicolor.

GPGPU rendering internship results

Ray traced real time shadows
75K Triangles 50fps 720p NVIDIA GTX 680

Reflection and refraction
300K Triangles 30 fps 720p NVIDIA GTX 680

Procedural terrain generation

Procedural terrain generation based on Perlin Noise,
development of a software which allows generation and edition of multi layered terrain.
Screenshot achieved with Maya Mental Ray.


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60K Triangles 40 fps 720p NVIDIA GTX 680