David Murray

About me

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the LP2N, and in the MANAO team at Inria working with Romain Pacanowski. My current work is focused on material appearance with two components:
- the predicitive simulation with the Malia Rendering Framework, for which I am an active developper.
- the reconstruction of appearance acquisition (as BRDFs) with the experimentation La Coupole, originally designed and conceived by Antoine Lucat (during his Phd) and Romain Pacanowski.

I got my Phd in Computer Graphics from the Université de Bordeaux in December 2018, under the supervision of Xavier Granier from the MANAO team and Jérôme Baril, working at Thermo Fisher Scientific. I was also part of the Open Inventor team within Thermo Fisher Scientific. My main research topic was Expressive Rendering for Scientific Visualization, using light transport simulation. The first part of this previous work focuses on transparent surfaces, while the second one is centered on volumes (mostly medical CT scans).

I also worked as a postdoctoral researcher with Xavier Granier as part of the CaLiTrOp ANR project, from 2019 to 2020. My focus was on light transport in the context of GPU-based ray-tracing, especially on Multiple Importance Sampling (MIS) problematics.