Welcome to my personal home page.

I am currently starting a Post-doc at UCL with Dr. Niloy Mitra, to study how multi-scale geometry analysis could be combined to structural analysis to provide news tools to understand complex acquired 3D scenes. See more soon !

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In brief…

I have obtained my PhD under the supervision of Patrick Reuter and Christophe Schlick the December 6th 2012, at the University of Bordeaux. This work have been done in the context of the SeARCH project, which focus on the SEmi-Automatic Reassembly of Cultural Heritage.

After my PhD, I have spend 1 year working in the manao team and in collaboration with Archeovision to develop web tools for on-line repositories of Cultural Heritage content (injection, processing and visualization). This work was taking part in the European consortium v-must.

During my PhD, the main contribution of my work, in collaboration with Patrick Reuter, Pascal Barla, Gael Guennebaud and Christophe Schlick, is the the Growing Least Square framework for the analysis of oriented point-sampled manifolds at multiple scales. More details can be found here.

My major interests in Computer Graphics concern shape analysis and shape matching. More precisely, my focus concerns the study of detection of pertinent structures both in term of scale and space, in order to enforce existing algorithms (de-noising, registration, etc.). In order to provide usable techniques for acquired data (noisy, point sampled, huge models), I study GPGPU algorithms (CUDA) with efficient surface representation (e.g. Moving Least Square).

I also focus on semi-automatic approaches for object reassembly with strongly deteriorated fragments in archaeological context. The complexity of involved data requires to combining multi-scale analysis and efficient interaction techniques.

Finally, I also try to transfer as much as possible my work to industry and general public through Open source libraries (see the Screen-Space Curvature project for more details).


  • November 2013: I am now Post-doctoral Research Associate at the Virtual Env. and Computer Graphics at the Department of Computer Science, University College London (UCL), with Dr. Niloy Mitra.
  • July 25th 2013: At 11AM, I will present our talk entitled Screen-space Ray-Traced Curvature for Production-Quality Rendering and Compositing, at Siggraph.
  • July 16th 2013: First stable release of the Patate Library.
  • June 3th-5th 2013: Attend to CGLibs (Smart Libraries for Computer Graphics) at the Visual Computing Lab, Pisa.
  • Mai 30th 2013: First alpha release of our analysis libray Patate. Check it out !
  • April 2013: Gael Guennebaud and me give a talk on our recent work to people of the VECG Research Group (Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics) at University College London, while I was visiting Niloy Mitra.
  • April 2013: Our talk Screen-Space Curvature for Production-Quality Rendering and Compositing has been accepted at Siggraph 2013, with Pascal Barla, Gael Guennebaud, Patrick Reuter and Gregory Duquesne (page).
  • January 1st 2013: The final version of my PhD thesis is now online (see page Thesis And Report).
  • December 6th 2012: PhD thesis obtained.
    • Title: Analysis of 3D objects at multiple scales: application to shape matching,
    • Jury: Pascal Guitton (president – examiner), Pierre Alliez (reviewer), Niloy Mitra (reviewer), Andrey Sharf (examiner), Patrick Reuter (supervisor), Christophe Schlick (advisor),
    • Material: see here.
  • June 2012: Paper Growing Least Squares for the Analysis of Manifolds in Scale-Space accepted to Symposium Geometry Processing 2012, with Gael Guennebaud, Pascal Barla, Patrick Reuter and, Christophe Schlick (page).

    Symposium Geometry Processing 2012, Tallinn, Estonia

  • March-November 2012: Presentation of a physical reconstruction of a semi-automatic reassembly at the French National Marin Museum. Reconstructions are composed of reproductions of fragments that were acquired during the first SeARCH project step (Isis) and during a previous campaign by EDF in Alexandria. The Isis fragments have been semi-automatically aligned using our geometrical analysis, and then both fragments have been physically reproduced by neamedia (scale factor: 1/5).
  • October 2011: Give a course on Semi-Automatic Reassembly for Cultural Heritage at Masaryk  University (Czech Republic – Brno) in the context of the lecture cycle European methodological studies for archaeologists (European Grant project).
  • August 2011: Attend to SIGGRAPH 2011.
  • September 2010: Presentation of “Semi-automatic geometry-driven reassembly of fractured archeological objects” accepted at the VAST 2010 conference.
  • June 13-23 2010: Acquisition campaign in Alexandria.
  • April 2010 to April 2011: 3D expert for the “Pole Regional d’Etudes Superieures” of Bordeaux in the context of the “Plan Campus“.
  • December 2009: Presentation of “Analyse de l’influence des systemes de visualisation immersif sur l’assemblage virtuel de fragments en archeologie” at the 2009 AFRV conference.
  • November 2009: Presentation of “Assemblage d’objets 3D Semi-Automatique base geometrie en Archeologie” at the 2009 Afig days.
  • October 2009: Start my PhD Thesis in the Iparla Team, LaBRI, France.
  • June 2009: End of my Master Thesis,