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Free Form Lense Design 

Nowadays, it is relatively easy to prototype refractors (e.g., lenses) with arbitrary surface shapes using either subtractive or additive technologies. However, designing the shape of the refractor to reach some desired objectives remains a challenging problem. Indeed, a slight change of the refractive surface can produce strong and non-local effects on the refracted image making it impossible to design the shape of the refractive surface by hand. The goals of this internship are:

  1. Implement a state of the art solver (already done at 80%).
  2. Experiment with the fabrication process.
  3. Quantify the aforementioned sources of errors and investigate approaches to reduce the largest ones.
  4. Investigate more sophisticated designs to relax some of the constraints (e.g., planar receiver, monochromatic light source) or achieve new application (e.g., focus-free projection).

This is a vast topic, and the focus of the internship will be adjusted according to the candidate motivations.

  • Encadrants : Gaël Guennebaud
  • Mots-clés : Optical design, Fabrication, Numerical optimization
  • Niveau : M2
  • Durée : 5 à 6 mois

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