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Measuring and modeling aging effects on alabaster artifacts

The objective of this PostDoc is two-fold: measure the diffusion properties of alabasters covered with paints; establish analytical model that predict how paintings (and alabaster) age depending on different physical parameters such as humidity or heat.

  • Detailed description: Alabasters
  • Advisor: Romain Pacanowski
  • Required knowledge :  Computer Graphics, Optics, measurement, computer vision, C++, Numpy/Matlab.
  • Keywords: materials, applied optics, BRDF, diffusion, rendering
  • Level : Ph.D.
  • Duration : 14 months

PhD Thesis

Controlling the appearance of bio-inspired photonic materials

The main objective of this Ph.D. thesis is to develop tools to explore and design the appearance of photonic crystals presenting irregularities, such as those found in natural materials or artificial materials realized by self-assembly.

  • Detailed description: Bio-inspired materials
  • Advisors: Romain Pacanowski, Pascal Barla
  • Required knowledge :  Computer Graphics, Physical Optics, C++, GPU, Numpy/Matlab.
  • Keywords: Materials, photonic crystals, inverse design, structural colors, bioinspiration.
  • Level : Master 2.
  • Duration : 3 years

Visual Appearance Modeling for Behavioral Ecology

This project ambition to bring new tools that help unravel some of the mysteries found in the visual communication of animals having remarkable optical properties (iridescence, transparency, etc). It takes a Computer Graphics approach to develop new image synthesis techiques with the goal of filling the gap between existing Optical and Ecological methodologies, which should shed some new light on the visual interactions among animals.

  • Advisors: Pascal Barla, Romain Pacanowski
  • Required knowledge :  Computer Graphics, Geometric Optics, C++, GPU, Numpy/Matlab.
  • Keywords: animal communication, iridescence, transparency, ecological lighting, camouflage.
  • Level : Master 2.
  • Duration : 3 years


There are currently no internship position available in the team.

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