A non-linear 2D animation software developed as part of the MoStyle ANR project by Melvin Even, Pierre Bénard and Pascal Barla.
The public release of the project is available on Github.

Malia Rendering Framework

An open source library for predictive, physically-realistic rendering. It comes with several applications, including a spectral path tracer, RGB-to-spectral conversion routines, a Blender Bridge and a Spectral Viewer. Spectral rendering can quickly become time-consuming when the number of spectral channels increases, which is why MRF is geared toward GPU acceleration.
The full project is available on INRIA gitlab.

Spectral Viewer

An OpenSource (Spectral) Image viewer that supports several images formats: ENVI (spectral), exr, png, jpg.
The full project is available on INRIA gitlab.


A C++ template library for linear algebra: matrices, vectors, numerical solvers, and related algorithms.

Eigen is a self-contained library covering a very broad range of use cases. For example, it covers both dense and sparse objects, and in the dense case, it covers both fixed-size and dynamic-size objects. Moreover it provides linear algebra algorithms, a geometry framework, etc. It has a very nice API for C++ programmers, and it embraces very high performance.


A C++ library for BRDF analysis and fitting

ALTA is designed to help the analysis and use of acquired material data such as BRDFs (Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Functions). It provides a generic set of tools and softwares to analyze, and fit BRDF data and models.

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